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Massage Glossary

Connective Tissue
Diaphragmatic breathing
Draping procedure
Effleurage (Gliding)
Fight-or-flight response
Myofascial pain
Range of Motion (ROM)
Swedish massage
Tapotment (Percussion)
Therapeutic massage
Trigger point

Acupressure - Therapy based on relieving trigger points associated wit meridian lines.

Adhesion - A fibrous band hold parts together. top

Aromatherapy - The use of scents as in essential oils to aid in the healing process.

Bodywork - A term that encompasses many hands on therapies.

Compression - The art of compressing tissue of the body as in a massage compression stroke.

Connective Tissue - one of the tissues of the body that connects and supports organs and other structures of the body. top

Contraindication - Pathological condition for which massage is not indicated, either because it would be harmful, or would not help the condition.

Cryotherapy - The use of cold (ice) in therapy.

Diaphragmatic breathing - Breathing deeply so as to affect the diaphragm of the body.

Draping procedure - The process used to drape a massage client so as to ensure privacy and modesty.

Edema - Swelling of tissue due to fluid retention.

Effleurage (Gliding) - A superficial massage stroke using long gliding strokes using a variety of pressures.

Fasciae - The layers of connective tissue membrane that surround organs and structures of the body. top

Fight-or-flight response - The body's first reaction to perceived stress.

Friction - A massage stroke which compresses and lifts the tissue.

Homeostasis - State of balance between the inside of the body and the external environment. top

Hydrotherapy - Use of water in its three forms-liquid, solid or vapor-in the treatment of the body.

Ischemia - Heat and redness on the skin due to constricted blood flow in the muscles.

Massage - The manipulation of the soft tissue of the body.

Myofascial pain - Pain caused by hardening or sticking of the fascia and muscles.

Pettrissage - A massage stroke that lifts, squeezes, and rolls the tissue. top

Pressure point - Specific point along the meridians that can become painful when congestion or imbalance is present.

Proprioception -In body tissue, the body's awareness of position, posture, movement and changes in equilibrium.

Range of Motion (ROM) - The actions of a joint as it moves through all its movements.

Swedish massage - A Western massage system based on five strokes. top

Tapotment (Percussion) - A massage stroke; the striking of series of rapid blows to the body to stimulate it.

Therapeutic massage - Massage performed with the aim to provide treatment for a specific condition.

Trigger point - Hyperirritable spot on the body that elicits pain when pressed. Normal tissue is not painful.

Vibration - A Swedish massage stroke that includes oscillating, quivering, or trembling of tissues, performed quickly and repeatedly.

Wellness - The state of feeling well in the body, mind and spirit. top


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